Kashton Carrigan and his dog Dozer

Halloween is a time of spooks, sweets, and surprises. However, for our furry friends, it can bring unexpected dangers. A recent incident involving Dozer, a mischievous pup from Hutchinson, Minn., highlights the importance of keeping our pets safe during this festive season. Dozer’s escapade, which reads like a Cheech and Chong comedy bit with a potentially tragic twist, serves as a warning to all pet owners.

Dozer’s Hazy Adventure:

Jake Carrigan of Hutchinson had the scare of a lifetime when he received a message from his brother about Dozer, his beloved dog. The message suggested that Dozer had gone missing and might have been hit by a car. Carrigan rushed to the scene, driven by fear for his furry friend’s safety.

Dozer’s neighbor, Jay, joined the search and discovered him in a patch of tall grass near Carrigan’s home. However, something was wrong. Dozer was unable to walk, and he displayed unusual behavior. He even bit Carrigan’s hand, an act entirely out of character. Concerned for his pet’s well-being, Carrigan rushed Dozer to the veterinarian.

A Surprising Diagnosis:

Dr. Renee Schmid, a senior veterinary toxicologist at Pet Poison Helpline, revealed the shocking cause behind Dozer’s symptoms. It wasn’t just any accident; Dozer had ingested marijuana-laced brownies. The impact of this wasn’t just limited to his mood; it had severe health consequences.

Marijuana exposure in pets is on the rise as legalization spreads. Clinical signs of marijuana poisoning include lethargy, weakness, incoordination, low blood pressure, slow heart rate, and urinary incontinence. While most pets become lethargic, some may show signs of agitation.

Adding to the danger was the presence of chocolate in the brownies. The severity of chocolate poisoning varies depending on factors like the type and amount of chocolate ingested, pet size, and other toxins, such as macadamia nuts or raisins.

A Lesson in Pet Safety:

Dozer’s adventure is a cautionary tale for all pet owners, especially during the Halloween season. As the holiday approaches, our homes become busier, with trick-or-treaters at the door and various distractions. This heightened activity poses a significant risk to pets escaping from open doors. It’s essential to prepare for your pet’s safety and be conscious of these potential dangers.

Microchips and personalized collar tags can expedite reuniting lost pets with their owners, especially in the darkness of Halloween night.

Both dogs and cats face dangers during Halloween, so AKC Reunite recommends measures to keep your feline friends safe during this season.

Dozer’s brush with pot brownies highlights the importance of pet safety during the Halloween season. To protect our furry companions, pet owners should take extra precautions, such as microchipping and providing a secure, quiet space away from the hustle and bustle. With some vigilance and care, we can ensure that every member of the family, even the four-legged ones, enjoys a safe and happy Halloween.

Pet Poison Helpline: 800-213-6680