Find an Animal Shelter in Michigan

Find an animal shelter. If you have lost your pet, found a stray pet, or are looking to adopt a dog or cat, find a shelter near you.

Find an Animal Shelter

Lost a Pet

Have you lost your dog or cat in Michigan? Are you searching for your missing pet? Contact the nearest three or more shelters to the last location your pet was seen. Call each location to report your pet missing.

Found a Pet

Have you found a stray dog or cat in Michigan? Don’t keep them. Contact the nearest government animal shelter to report a found pet. Animal shelters on the map above are designated as facilities that accept and care for stray dogs and cats.

Not all animal shelters accept stray pets. Because there are so many animal shelters, only designated, tax-payer funded animal shelters accept stray dog and cat intakes. Call or contact the nearest animal shelter on this map to report a found, stray pet.

Adopt from an Animal Shelter

There are many animal shelters in Michigan who have dogs, cats, and other animals available for adoption. Browse adoptable animals online.

Microchip Your Pets

We strongly recommend microchipping your pets. Microchipping your pet increases the chance that your pet can find their way home. All public and private shelters in Michigan scan for a microchip upon intake. Beside