Lapeer County Animal Control and Shelter

Dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens are available for adoption near you in Lapeer County, Michigan. Meet your new best friend here at Lapeer County Animal Shelter.

2396 W. Genesee St.
Lapeer, MI 48446
telephone: 810-667-0236

Pet Adoption at Lapeer County Animal Shelter:

Dog adoption and cat adoption services are both provided at this animal shelter. Adoptions are by appointment only.

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Lost and Found Pets:

If you have lost your dog or cat in Lapeer County, Michigan, or found a stray pet, call Lapeer County Animal Control at 810-667-0236 to file a report. If after 4 p.m., call (810)-667-0292. Keeping strays that don’t belong to you is against the law. These animals might have an owner desperately searching for them or could have medical conditions unknown to you. Stray dogs found in Lapeer County, Michigan, must be brought to Animal Control within 48 hours. If unclaimed after the stray hold, you can then legally adopt them.

License Your Dog in Lapeer County:

Per state regulations, dogs aged four months and above must be licensed in their residing county. To secure a dog license, ensure you have the necessary documents. A valid rabies vaccine is a must, and if the spay/neuter status is indicated on the certificate, it can reduce the licensing cost. Cats are not required to be licensed.

Vaccination Guidelines:

Rabies vaccines are administered for either one year or three years. Dogs receiving their first rabies vaccine, including new puppies, will be given a 1-year vaccine by the veterinarian.

License Duration:

Dog licenses align with the rabies vaccine schedule. For example, if a 1-year rabies shot is given on March 3, 2023, the dog license will expire on March 3, 2024. A 3-year license should be valid until 2026.

How to Obtain a License:

Licenses are conveniently available online, at our office, via mail, or through the dropbox on the front of the building. Include your rabies vaccination details and payment with your application.

License Options:

  • Puppy license (less than 1 year, spay/neuter status exempt): $12
  • 1 year (Spayed/Neutered): $15
  • 1 year (Not spayed/neutered): $25
  • 3 year (Spayed/Neutered): $40
  • 3 year (Not Spayed/Neutered): $60

Late licenses or dogs over 1 year that have never been licensed will incur a $40 delinquency fee. Ensure your furry friend’s compliance with regulations and enjoy a hassle-free ownership experience by obtaining the appropriate license.

Help the Animals at LCAC:


Lapeer County Animal Shelter needs volunteers. As a government entity, they have a simple process for interested volunteers. To get started, complete a volunteer application. Volunteers must be 18 or older. Additionally, they require all volunteers to undergo a background check.


Your donations, whether in the form of supplies or funds, significantly impact the well-being of the animals in the care of Lapeer County Animal Control and Shelter. Donations of any magnitude can make a difference. Drop off or mail your donations to:

2396 W. Genesee St.
Lapeer, MI 48446

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