Kalkaska County Animal Shelter

Dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens are available for adoption near you in Kalkaska County, Michigan. Meet your new best friend here at Kalkaska County Animal Shelter.

605 N Birch Street
Kalkaska, MI 49646
telephone: 231-258-3309

Pet Adoption at Kalkaska County Animal Shelter:

Dog adoption and cat adoption services are both provided at this animal shelter.

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Lost and Found Pets:

If you have lost your dog or cat in Kalkaska County, Michigan, or found a stray pet, call Kalkaska County Animal Shelter at 231-258-3309 to file a report.

License Your Pet in Kalkaska County:

Per state regulations, dogs aged four months and above must be licensed in their residing county. Secure your annual license annually in Kalkaska County between December 1st and February 28th. License fees are doubled between March 1st and November 30th. Ensure your dog’s license within 30 days of ownership or by the time your furry friend hits four months.

To license your dog in Kalkaska County, download, print, and complete the Dog License Application. Applications for a dog license can be submitted via mail or in person.

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605 N Birch Street
Kalkaska, MI 49646

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