Dogs and Puppies for Adoption in Michigan

Dogs and puppies are available for adoption in Michigan. Browse dogs and puppies below. Click on a profile to learn more. Ready to adopt? Call the shelter offering the adoption or visit their website for further information on the adoption process.

All adoptable canines in Michigan are required by law to be: spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines.

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Rescued Dogs and Puppies

Many of the animals on this page were found as strays. Some were surrendered by their owner, rescued from a situation of abuse, neglect or natural disaster. For the most part, animals that were previously owned, but are unclaimed.

Adoption Fees for Dogs and Puppies

Your taxes fund state animal shelters. So why are there adoption fees involved? Adoption fees help fund the shelter, in addition to helping with veterinary care. They also help to cover other treatable ailments that many animals need in order to be available for adoption. Because adoption fees vary by animal, please check each animal’s profile for their specific fee.

The Cost of Dog and Puppy Ownership

It’s important to realize that adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment for that animal. For that reason, you should expect that there will be veterinary expenses throughout their life. For instance, annual checkups, preventative care, and emergencies can often cost several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. We strongly recommend pet insurance for this reason. Additionally, there will be expenses such as pet food, collars, toys, and other items.

Refunds of Adoption Fees with Dogs and Puppies

For the most part, shelters will insist that you return the animal if the pet adoption is not working out. Check with the shelter issuing the adoption for details on their policy for adoption fee refunds.

Spay and Neuter

Spay/neuter your pets. Spaying and neutering your pets eliminates the chance your pets will have offspring that will wind up in a shelter.