Manistee County Animal Control

Manistee County Animal Control, or MCAC, takes on a multifaceted role to ensure the well-being of the communities in Manistee County, Michigan. MCAC is committed to safeguarding Manistee County’s citizens and its four-legged companions’ health, safety, and overall welfare. This encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities that include:

Enforcement of Laws and Ordinances: MCAC is the enforcer of both state laws and local ordinances concerning animal control.

Mitigating Irresponsible Ownership: Minimize the dangers and nuisances that can arise from irresponsible pet ownership. This includes education and outreach to promote responsible care.

Protection Against Abuse, Neglect, and Homelessness: MCAC acts as a shield, protecting our pets from the grim realities of abuse, neglect, and homelessness.

Temporary Shelter and Care: Homeless animals find refuge under MCAC’s care.

Adoption Coordination: MCAC collaborates closely with the Homeward Bound Animal Shelter to facilitate adoption.

Manistee County Animal Control
Manistee County Humane Society
Homeward Bound Animal Shelter
736 Paws Trail
P.O. Box 144
Manistee, MI 49660
telephone: 231-723-3170

Pet Adoption at Manistee County Animal Control:

Dog adoption and cat adoption services take place through Homeward Bound Animal Shelter. Call HBAS at 231-723-7387.

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Lost and Found Pets:

If you have lost your dog or cat in Manistee County, Michigan, or found a stray pet, call Manistee County Animal Control at 231-723-3170 to file a report.

License Your Pet in Manistee County:

Per state regulations, dogs aged four months and above must be licensed in their residing county. Ensure your dog’s license within 30 days of ownership or by the time your furry friend hits four months. Proof of rabies or a rabies certificate is required.

A license can be obtained at the Manistee County Treasurer’s Office:

Manistee County Treasurer
415 Third Street
Manistee, MI 49660

If you have any questions or need further assistance with the licensing process, contact the Treasurer’s office at 231-723-3173. The dedicated staff will be happy to provide you with the guidance you need to ensure your dog is in compliance with Manistee County’s regulations.

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