Adopt a Shelter Pet in Michigan

City and county animal shelters care for many pets that need a good home. Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and other small animals are available for adoption. Find an animal shelter near you if you want to adopt a dog, cat, or other small pet. Millions of dogs, cats, and other animals enter local animal shelters annually. Pets found as strays are put on hold for a time. If a pet is not claimed, then the animal is placed up for adoption. is committed to helping pets at public animal shelters find new, loving homes.

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Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Pet

Adopting a dog or cat from a state shelter has many advantages. Most of the pets up for adoption have been a pet before. They’ve lived in a home. Dogs tend to be housetrained. Cats tend to be litterbox trained. Shelter dogs usually already know how to and are comfortable walking on a leash.

The Cost of Adopting a Shelter Pet

It’s important to realize that adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment for that animal. For that reason, you should expect that there will be veterinary expenses throughout their life. For instance, annual checkups, preventative care, and emergencies can often cost several hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. We strongly recommend pet insurance for this reason. Additionally, there will be expenses such as pet food, collars, toys, and other items.

Adoption Fees for Shelter Pets

Your taxes fund state animal shelters. So why are there adoption fees? Adoption fees help fund the shelter, in addition to helping with veterinary care. They also help to cover other treatable ailments that many animals need in order to be available for adoption. Because adoption fees vary by animal, please check each animal’s profile for their specific fee.